Vector Controlled Spindle with HSK-E25 Clamping System

Video launch of our new Z62-H450.01 S19W2/2.

HSK E-25 in a 62mm spindle housing and up to 50,000 rpm. Our spindles are equipped with a powerful motor from Jaeger Powertrain Technology ( Providing both AC and DC drive technology – the choice is yours.

Why choose anything else when it could be a high frequency Jäger High Performance Spindle?


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Deburring with a Jäger F120

Maintenance of HSK

Profile Machining with a Chopper Spindle

Finishing in the Die & Mold Industry

Collet Cleaning

Changing Spindle

Wet Milling in the Dental industry

Dry Milling in the Dental Industry

Robot Deburring with F150 Spindle

Spindle with HSK-E20 Clamping System

SP33-M260.01 S26 – Our New Adapter Spindle

High Frequency Spindles from Jäger

Dental Milling

Application Example: Deburring

Application Example: Turbine

Metalworking in the Dental Field with Jaeger

High Speed Cutting Spindle in Action

Milling of Gears

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