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With our chopper series we provide the most variety in the machining industry. From wood and plastics processing to robotics, we have a solution for you. The automotive sector can implement our chopper series into the robotics for dashboards or injection channels. In the aerospace industry choppers can be used for the processing of intereiror components or on „router machines“. We even have solutions for the promotional products industry.

The air- or liquid-cooled versions of the Chopper Spindle Series enhance the performance of your services wherever you need them. One of our satisfied chopper customers once coined the statement about the Jäger chopper solutions he uses: "Excellent quality at a decent price". Believe us, if you knew the company you would know that these words are more than any award to us.

Do you need your "Chopper" equipped with manual tool change or as pneumatic direct change into the collet, perhaps you are in automation and need a hollow shank taper (HSK) or even more individually equipped with Jäger‘s own WK taper (Jäger tool taper)? All of these options are no problem, the chopper spindles from Alfred Jäger now offers all common change systems in this size range.

Become one of our countless satisfied customers - your "chopper" is already waiting for you.


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Maintenance of HSK

Finishing in the Die & Mold Industry

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Vector Controlled Spindle with HSK-E25 Clamping System

Spindle with HSK-E20 Clamping System

SP33-M260.01 S26 – Our New Adapter Spindle

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Application Example: Deburring

Application Example: Turbine

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