China Repair Shop

The repair shop in China opened a year ago by our subsidiary “Alfred Jäger Trading Beijing” has made a successful start to its operations. The employees, who are all trained in Germany, are able to carry out high-quality repairs on spindle types across a large range of different sizes and from a variety of tool change systems. HF spindles with manual tightening, HSK spindles and pneumatic direct change spindles can now all be repaired as professionally here as they are in Germany.

Do you want to save your customers in China long downtimes and transport routes? Then have defective spindles repaired with genuine Jäger spare parts by our experts in China. It may also be a strong argument for your sales team to use to sell more machines in the region.

Don’t forget that Alfred Jäger GmbH is just a phone call or an e-mail away, anywhere in the world.



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