HF Spindles and High-Performance Electric Drives

We are enthusiastic about technology and speed. As a leading specialist for HF spindles and high-performance motors internationally, we are a quality leader in the industry.

A Driven Spindle and Motor Manufacturer

We are the specialists for the development and production of powerful HF spindle systems and high-performance motors. Our spindles and motors can be used universally and play an important role in increasing efficiency and productivity, for example through automation. Our customers are active when it comes to all types of applications involving large quantities, high frequencies, top precision, and maximum operational reliability.

What sets us apart as a spindle and motor manufacturer are our high levels of expertise, our years of experience, our extreme vertical range of manufacture, and our wide product range in the field of spindle systems and electric motors. We are driven technicians, think in a solution-oriented manner, and are customer focused in our actions. Our consultation is open, direct, and knowledgeable. Our aim is to always deliver the best-possible spindles and the optimum motor in order to ensure our customers have a competitive edge.  

As a modern, second-generation family company, we act in a manner that is driven by values and focused on partnerships. We work in a way that is highly dynamic, with flat hierarchies, and that is straight to the point. This means that we can react quickly and efficiently to all customer requirements and current market developments. 

Our 150-strong team is committed, experienced, and open minded. We have deep roots and some of the most cutting-edge machinery in the industry. We are rooted in Germany and invest consistently in the further training of our employees worldwide. The Jäger determination and values shine through our global presences with the quality of our subsidiaries with their own repair shops in China and the USA. 

Quality – Made in Germany 

We are committed and ambitious. Quality and high performance are key factors in our high-speed spindles and electric motors. 

As a partner for precision engineering, quality control is top priority for us in every work step. This is why we implement an extreme vertical range of manufacture and work exclusively with certified suppliers that fulfill our strict requirements.

As a result, we, as a general rule, supply significantly more powerful high-speed spindles and high-performance motors with longer service lives. This means increased production with reduced downtimes for our customers. Easier said - we strive for top operational reliability and maximum efficiency. 

We stand strong on the market. We know that we cannot always provide the cheapest price but we always provide our customers with products of outstanding quality to optimize their production and drive costs down. 


Customer Satisfaction 

High-frequency applications do not tolerate any errors. This is why we ensure the quality of each and every product in a multi-stage quality control process and realize the following benefits for our customers:

  • The most efficient applications
  • Top operational reliability
  • Higher performance / faster processes
  • Cost-effective investment
  • Long service lives 
  • Reduced downtimes / changing times 
Made in Germany

Only the Best is Good Enough

Our products’ top quality also guarantees that our customers are extremely satisfied. We do not compromise when it comes to this. Stability, reliability, top material, and continuous quality checks make us a reliable partner for innovative spindle systems.

This is why we mainly use hybrid precision ball bearings, consisting of steel rings and ceramic balls, in our Jäger high-frequency spindles. The ceramic ball material is the optimal choice for use in high-precision ball bearings.

Benefits of hybrid precision ball bearings:
  • Longer service life
  • Lower friction coefficient
  • Higher speeds
  • Low thermal conductivity
Further key benefits for top quality:
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • High run-out accuracy
  • High rigidity due to special bearing arrangement
  • Purging air prevents entry of dirt
  • Operating hours counter
  • Tool monitoring (optional)
Innovative and efficient

Innovative and Efficient

Always a step ahead of development.

In order to be up to the requirements of tomorrow today, a team of engineers and developers is continuously working on spindle systems of the future, as well as on optimizing the Jäger high-performance spindles already used in the market today.

We also design special spindle systems for individual tasks together with our customers. In order to work on this challenge as effectively as possible, we are supported by cutting-edge information technology when developing these individual spindle systems.

Are you looking for a professional partner for a challenge you are facing –then contact us!



In-House Spindle and Motor Development

We make spindles and high-performance motors faster, smaller, and more powerful, and thus increase the performance and efficiency achieved with the same size.

The requirements of mechanical engineering are continuously increasing: with growing quality requirements, the required process speeds are increasingly fast. At the same time, there is less and less space in the machine tools for the integration of spindle drives, motor spindles, and rotating spindles. 

We respond to this technical challenge with the new development of increasingly fast, powerful, and compact high-speed spindles and high-performance motors, and the optimization of existing solutions. This is why we design our spindle drives and motor spindles so that they work in a particularly fail-safe manner and provide top operational reliability at all times. 

With our spindles and motors, we want to provide our customers with a crucial competitive edge in the areas of efficiency, productivity, and automation.

In-house motor development

Areas of Application 

Our customers in the field of precision engineering are as diverse as our product range. 

We have a part in both the production of smartphones and the manufacture of copper electrodes, and are just as at home in the automotive field and in automation. You can find us anywhere where cutting machines tools are used.

Our products, including rotating spindles, grinding spindles, drilling spindles, as well as high-performance motors, are used in a wide range of industries and by companies of very different sizes. We provide solutions for industrial large-series production and individual special products for particularly demanding work. 



Grinding Technology

The diverse fields of application for grinding technology also require a high level of flexibility for a grinding spindle, drilling spindle, milling spindle, or rotating spindle. Our spindle systems can be used in a diverse range of applications and work precisely and reliably in every field.


Dental Technology

Modern milling units in dental technology have to show what fully automated production in an extremely small space can provide with a dental spindle: up to 7 transversing axes are available for processing tasks.


Tool and Mold Production

Tool and mold production have a special place in the manufacturing industry, as almost every workpiece is an individual piece. The manufacturing requirements are often complex and require a high level of flexibility and reliability of the rotating spindle used.


Robot Applications

Processing of material with a robot presents extremely high demands on the spindle system used. Absolute precision is paramount. Our high-frequency spindles are the right choice here with regard to weight, interfering contour, and bearing rigidity.


Conductor Boards

The manufacture of conductor boards features a very complex sequence of production steps that have to be precisely coordinated to one another. One of the most delicate steps is depanelization, i.e. breaking up the conductor board cluster. Firstly, this breaking up of the cluster must be stress free; secondly, it must be intelligently linked with the directly associated steps “testing” and “sorting”.


DC/AC Motors

Our synchronous and asynchronous motors have a wide range of uses and are extremely suitable for high-speed applications. They are particularly compact and reliable here.

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